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The 18th Annual Mission Outreach Day

18th Annual Mission Outreach Day
Saturday March 3rd
Salvation Army, 832 6th ST, Bremerton, WA

2 p.m. - Cheryl Nuñez (Olympic College) and Alyson Rotter (Kitsap Strong) - speakers and workshop
4 p.m. - historical program

The Mission Outreach Day event is a celebration of several occasions in the history of the modern day church in which the church took successful actions to protect the basic human rights of people who were under attack. These occasions were:
** The adoption of the Namibian Constitution (February 1990)
** The release of Nelson Mandela from prison in South Africa (right after the adoption of the Namibian Constitution)
** The People Power Revolution in the Philippines (February 1986)
** The Bloody Sunday march for voting rights in Selma, Alabama (March 7, 1965)

Later Event: April 24
Kitsap Great Give